Chemistry 1A  General Chemistry (Hybrid)

Spring 2017  Cliff Gottlieb

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Spring 2017 Office hours:    M 10:30 - 11:00AM; T 11:00AM – 2:00 PM; W 9:30 – 11:00 AM   (Pacific time) and by appointment in 1412 or the Science Learning Center room 1626.

Welcome To CHEM 1A hybrid!!!

This an INTERNET hybrid course with the lecture and discussion online and an in-person lab on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 8:20 PM.  When you take one of my hybrid classes, you get the same exact notes that I use in my face-to-face classes, links to excellent other websites, and the most attentive online instructor period!  During the week and on most weekends your question will be answered no later than the next day and most of the time within 12 hours.  I am planning to add video files as well

Materials for the Class: (The text, the solutions manual, and other materials are available in the Science Learning Center.) 

                    Required Text:  Chemistry,  6th ed.  McMurry and Fay.  Publisher: Prentice-Hall  ISBN 0321704959 or 5th edition , ISBN 0131993235.

              You will be able to find these two cheap online at and    search using the ISBN.

        Recommended but not required – Study Guide and Full  Solutions Manual  The solutions manual is important to have!

Both are available at various online book sellers and the Shasta College bookstore.  They are much cheaper online

Class begins on January , and you will not be able to access the class until then.  But it is IMPERATIVE that you LOG ON TO THE SHASTA ONLINE CLASS ON January 16!!! You have things that you need to complete.  Also you must attend the first lab (and all labs) on Tuesday, January 16.

The online portion of this course will be delivered over the internet using a program called Canvas.   You also must expect to spend the same amount of time on this course to what you would have spent on the face to face version of this course.  You should log onto this course everyday, check the course calendar, and make sure all of your work is up to date. You should expect to spend at least twelve hours per week on this course.  Furthermore you must have sufficient self-discipline to set and adhere to your own and to the course’s timelines.  The internet version of this course is equal to  the face to face version.  DO NOT FALL BEHIND!!   I will do everything I can to help you.  Always remember NO FREAKING OUT!!  Freaking out is not allowed in my courses.  You just need to ask me for help.

Learning styles:  If your main learning style is audio/listening, an internet course is probably not for you unless you read the notes and text and record that on your smart phone and then listen.  Go to to take a short learning style questionnaire to find you primary learning style(s).

For information on how to access your online course go to the Shasta College homepage and click on "Shasta College Online"
When you register with Admissions, you are automatically put into that course on.  To register online go to If you have problems contact admission at 530-242-7650.  After you register, you can enroll in courses online using My Shasta available from Shasta College homepage.

To view most course documents you will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. It is free. Get Acrobat Reader.

This an INTERNET hybrid course with the lecture and discussion online and an in-person lab on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 8:20 PM.

An internet course is may be more difficult for many students because it depends solely on self discipline. But if you stay on top of the material, you will succeed!!!  Most students do. :)

Here is the syllabus please read it.

The online portion of the class will include studying my notes (more important than the text), complete online homework, and post online questions and explanations on discussion boards.

The in person portion includes taking a quiz on each chapter, taking written exams, and performing lab activities

Use the text to supplement my notes as needed but most importantly DO PRACTICE PROBLEMS

I also have provided hyperlinks for the class and I am always adding more.   These  should be used in addition to the text.

Remember stay on task and NO FREAKING OUT!!