Chemistry 2A  Introduction to Chemistry

Fall  2018   Cliff Gottlieb

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Office Hours: Tues. 1:30 – 3:30 PM; Wed. 11 AM – 2 PM Pacific Time  or by appointment in room 1412 or the Science Learning Center room 1626


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Over-enrollment procedure:  Attend the lectures but do not ask me to sign your over-enrollment card.  Go to the lab you wish to take and get the lab instructor to sign your over-enrollment card and then bring it to lecture and I will sign it for lecture and discussion.  Be persistent.

Be sure that you have enrolled in a Chem2AD section with Gottlieb as the instructor.  This has 0 units but it is a part of the class and you must enroll in one of the discussions.

On this page you will find links to information pertinent to the course: 

Materials for the Class: (The text, the solutions manual, and other materials are available in the Science Learning Center.)

    Required Text:  General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry,  McMurry et al.  Publisher: Prentice-Hall  7th ed.   ISBN 0321750837  

 I will also accept the 5th, ISBN 0131877488, or 6th , ISBN 0136054501, editions as textbooks for the course. Don't waste your money on the new 8th edition.  You can find the 5th and 6th online       for cheap.  One place to go to is and enter isbn numbers to find deals.

You will also need to set up an account with Learning Catalytics.  You will get the details on the first day of class, but DO NOT buy the access card from the bookstore.  It is way overpriced!

         See the syllabus for a complete list of required materials    

         Recommended but not required – Study Guide and Full  Solutions Manual. The solutions manual is important to have!

These  are available at various online book sellers and the Shasta College bookstore.. 

                   You will also need a scientific calculator.  Any kind will do.  If you are buying a new one, a TI thirty something should be about $10 to $20 at a variety of stores downtown. MAKE SURE IT DOES SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.  There is one TI thirty something that says is a scientific calculator but it does not do scientific notation.  Make sure it has a button that  has EE or exp on it or above it.   I highly recommend that you avoid a TI30XS Multiview and a TI89.  If you plan to take statistics, check with the math department about the required calculator.  They are very picky.

         Finally you will need a pair of safety goggles which are available at the Science Learning Center

To view all of my documents you will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. It is free. Get Acrobat Reader.

Here is the syllabus.  Read it!! It has all the information about the course including schedules, attendance policy and grading policy.

I use the Shasta College online program called Canvas .  All students will need to use it for access to all my notes for the course, to complete your homework assignments, take quizzes and to generally function in the course.  When you enroll in the course, you automatically get access to Shasta College online.

For information on how to access the Shasta College online portion of this course for the Fall 2017 term, go to the Shasta College homepage and click on SC Online Classes start August 14.  You must attend the first lecture, discussion and lab sessions or notify the lecture and lab instructor if you cannot make.  Otherwise you will risk being dropped from the class.